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Puy has always liked her sex dirty, but she never thought of being one of the Thai hookers until today. When she was asked to fuck on camera, she thought that this type of sex would be just dirty enough to satisfy her hunger for sexual adventure. When she gets back to the room, she poses awkwardly for the camera, but gets more and more loose as her clothes come off.

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She immediately takes this guy’s cock in her hand and strokes it as it goes in and out of her wet mouth. When he’s hard enough to fuck, she lies down so he can spread her tight Asian pussy with his enormous cock. He fucks her so good that she starts to shake and cum. She didn’t know that being one of the Thai hookers was going to be this much fun or she would have done it a long time ago.

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Pla knows what it takes to be one of the good Thai hookers so she wasted no time going back to the hotel room with this guy and absolutely came to life in front of the camera. He could tell that she loved to fuck and loved to see men’s cocks get rock hard as they touch her all over her soft body. She is petite, but in very good shape for hot sex.

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This horny Thai hooker makes sure to turn her face toward the camera as she sucks this guy’s cock and strokes the shaft. She lies down in front of him and lifts her leg up so he can slide his cock easily into her warm pussy. She moans with pleasure before getting up on all fours so he can get his cock deep into her pussy to make her orgasm. She cums all over his cock again and again.

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Natalie didn’t know it at first, but she was soon going to become one of this guy’s Thai Hookers. He roamed the streets of Thailand looking for a girl that he knew would not be spooked by a camera and Natalie was the ideal choice. She seemed eager to please with big full lips and a juicy ass. He knew he had to get her back to his room.

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She was curious about the camera at first, but she warmed up to it right away and became one hell of the hot Thai Hookers who turned out to be a natural. She acted like she wanted to perform for it as she spread her full lips around his huge cock and pushed her head down on to it until she almost gagged. She rode him on the couch for a while before taking it doggy style until he came all over her ass.

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